It can be tricky, figuring out what skills you need to run a successful side hustle business. Often, you don't know what you don't know until it's too late.

Sure, you've got your actual core side hustle skills covered, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do what you do, but what about the skills you need to run a business? Have you got those covered?

Learn from these successful business owners and understand that there are common skills you'll need to run a successful side hustle and learn how you can implement them today.

Ensure Side Hustle Success by Updating the Right Skills

How successful business owners pick the right skills to update


In a previous post, I chatted to some successful business owners about how they went about choosing their side hustle. As part of this process, I also identified some of the skills that they had utilised to ensure their side hustle success.

I'm sharing the top five skills that these business owners use in their side hustle to ensure their ongoing success and how you can do the same if you focus on the right skills too.

#1: Learning to Write

Out of all the ladies I chatted to, not one of them didn't have a blog as part of their side hustle.

Off the record, they all told me that one of the skills they had to learn when they first got started was how to write — and not just how to write a blog post, but how to make use of white space, how to make a blog post easy to read and other things, like making sure there were images with the right alt tags and that their chosen keyword was strategically mentioned throughout the post.

Needless to say, unless you've been running a blog in your day job, this is something you're going to have to learn too. And it's important that you do, having a blog is an important aspect of ensuring that your side hustle is successful.

#2: The Importance of Planning

A lot of the tips provided by the business owners included making sure that you plan out your side hustle. I couldn't agree more.

Being organised and knowing what's going on in your side hustle are key to it's success. If you don't have a plan in place, how will you know if you're succeeding or not?

Here's what some of the ladies had to say on planning:

“Plan it out. No money to outsource? Not a big deal if you've got a solid plan in place. When I started my side hustle (and blog), I created my own blog planner and it made all the difference. Make lists and set goals — daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly!” ~ Amber Temerity from Thrifty Guardian


“Schedule everything! When you are going to work on what, deadlines for projects, everything. Up to and including time spent for yourself, like working out or taking a break. Scheduling is so important to keep track of everything that needs to be completed and staying productive!” ~ Sara Letsch from Nymph in the Woods

#3: Project Management

Similar to planning and scheduling, project management was next on the list of skills these business owners needed to learn right from the start, particularly if you're working with clients.

Even if you don't have clients but provide more of a physical product, like Marcia DesRosiers from Hearts and Hand Quilts, project management is still important, so you can keep track of what you're working on and what deadlines are looming.

Personally, I use a combination of Freedcamp and Todoist to keep track of projects, including those that are solely my own. I work best with deadlines, so even if I've set them for myself, it's still important to plug them into Freedcamp and Todoist so I can keep myself accountable.

#4: Absorb Content Quickly

While this might seem like a weird skill to have, it is one that will allow you to pivot faster, particularly when it comes to marketing your side hustle.

Learn to absorb content quickly by making notes when you listen to a podcast, making notes when you read a book and skimming blog posts that are relevant to your side hustle business.

I use an app called Pocket to save the content I want to read later, and binge consume the content when I'm getting my nails done or first thing in the morning.

Sometimes I'll come back to a piece of content several times, and that's ok, because when you start absorbing content quickly, it helps if you read something a few times, you know, to make it stick!

#5:  Learn Business Concepts

Anyone starting a new side hustle is going to have to learn about the different business concepts regarding how to run a successful side hustle.

This will include learning things like invoicing, managing income and expenses, when to contact an accountant, how to manage tax etc.

Get familiar with this information upfront, even if it's just a basic understanding. While you might not need any of this right away, it helps if you've at least got a few of the basics covered and then when you need to know more, you know where to start.

Focusing on the right skills when you first start a side hustle can literally make or break your business. Identify which skills above you'll need to make your side hustle successful and start learning them now.


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