As a writer, it can often be difficult to find optimal places to write, let alone find something to write about!

When I first started writing, it was in my journal and I used to do it every night before I went to bed.

Times change (I've aged, that was when I was a teenager!) and when you are a freelance writer, writing your client's blog posts right before you go to bed is not ideal — just ask my husband!

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For me, I feel that it's about setting up a routine and finding a couple of different places to write well from.

Gone are the days where you can afford to “write when the mood takes you”, particularly if you have deadlines to meet.

It's about creating a habit.

In a recent book, written by Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt, they expand on this thought more, stating: “Write. Publish. Repeat… Unlike yesterday, today's prosperity can bloom from continuous intelligent production.”

To help create the blog writing habit for me, I schedule my writing on a weekly basis.

Whether it's writing for my own personal blog, writing for my clients or writing my next book, the time is scheduled in.

Just doing this one step will help in creating a consistent writing habit.

The next thing to achieve is to write 500 words every single day.

At the moment, I write 3-4 days of the week. I want to increase this to every day, as I truly believe it will only serve to improve my writing. So guess what, it's on the calendar!

But, just adding it to my schedule isn't enough. It's also about finding the right place to write, and to write well from.

Places to Write a Blog Post

Get your creative juices flowing by checking out different places to write your blog posts. Find inspiration in white noise and never miss a deadline. Click through to learn more.

#1: Coffee shop

My personal favourite is the coffee shop. The hustle and bustle around me helps me focus. The delicious chai latte's and scones keep me sustained while I'm there.

This is the place I like to go when I'm creating blog posts for my personal blog. I can sit and write non-stop fora 2-3 hours in a coffee shop.

#2: Home office

When I'm writing client stuff, I prefer to write in my home office.

This is a dedicated space, with a closing door. If you don't have this, one of the other options will probably work for you better.

The reason I like this space is that it has all my prompts around me as well as a set up that allows me to use multiple screens, perfect for researching as I write — which is the way I like to write my client work.

#3: Library

If my favourite coffee shop is choc full, I'll head to the library.

I really enjoy my local library, but the only problem is that you do need to get there early to secure a comfy seat and good location.

I prefer the level that doesn't allow talking — called the ‘quiet zone' so that I don't get distracted by other people's conversations, which tends to happen on the other floors in the library.

Hushed voices always pique my curiosity!

#4: Airport lounge

If I'm travelling, I LOVE the airport lounge, in particular, the Virgin airport lounges. They are so modern and warm and remind me of my favourite coffee shops.

I can get a lot of work done here and the bonus part is that all the food and drinks are free!

#5: Local park

If I don't need wifi access, I really enjoy going to a local park, particularly during the cooler months where I can lay about in the sun!

During the week, it's very quiet and peaceful and I find the sound of nature (birds chirping, trees rustling) also helps me to focus.

The beach is also another option, although personally, I find the sand more than annoying, particularly when it gets under your keyboard!

The places I've listed above are all places that provide some type of background noise. I need this to focus, otherwise my brain runs a million miles an hour looking for other things to do.

There are a couple of other things I do to ensure I make the most of my ‘writing time':

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”12.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]

  • I turn my cell phone off or to silent and leave it in my handbag – phones are super distracting when it comes to writing, so do yourself a favour and remove the temptation
  • I ‘quit' all other programs other than what I need to write, this includes email. I use a Macbook Air, so I force quit these applications so that I don't get notifications.
  • I take my headphones with me and if I find conversations around me starting to get into my head, I'll pop these in and turn on my favourite focusing app, Focus@Will. This plays classical music and is the perfect background noise for keeping me focused.


If you're struggling more with coming up with ideas to write, this post about will help.

I'd love to know what places you like to write from.

I have friends that enjoy writing from the comfort of their bed and from their porch/balcony/deck, as well as others that find locking themselves away in a hotel room for a few days is best.

Let me know what you do so we can share the love!

PS: there are some affiliate links contained in this article – this means I'll get payment if you choose to click and purchase that item. If you don't wish to do this, just navigate to the original site and find the item yourself 🙂

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    • David Shallcross

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      • Lise Cartwright

        Thanks for the info David, Towoglo could be of interest to freelancers looking for a new platform – thanks for sharing the details!

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